Bougie V

Creation of a candle with two flames sharing a single base.
This candle is based on an innovative and original shape
of V that permit to subvert the classic and straight candle
we know. The result is between a candlestick and the design
of an iconic candle that can be placed in any context and
create a unique atmosphere. By adding groove to the foot,
the candle get the possibility to be stick easily on bottle top.
A single rope is tied where the two candles join together.

Paraffin, cotton wick

ECAL X-mas Market, 2015

Birdhouse made from waterproof cardboard and inspired
by fruit-juice bottles.

ECAL semester project, 2011

Set of grooved pine tower blocks.

Workshop with Hector Serrano, 2012

Clip–on wings to create personalised secateurs. A butterfly
shape that communicates on the image of the secators
by evoking the world of gardens, spring and budding nature.


Partnership with Swiss secators maker Felco, 2013

Drelin is a hybrid of bicycle bell and brake, which lets you
sound the bell without taking your hand off the handlebar.
It is intended for more intuitive use, operating as an extension
of brake and hand.


Exhibited in Milan as part of the “ECAL — Savoir Faire”, 2013

I proposed a radical tool for gripping and shaping a sheet
of paper or flyer in order to cool oneself more elegantly
and lightly. This folding fan aims to be more personal and cross-
cultural, and operates as a sustainable tool because it is
made of aluminium profiles and exchangeable paper sheets.

Aluminium, O-ring, paper

Chosen as finalist for the HAY Talent Award, 2014


La Bambouseraie



Felco’s Wings


Super Buildings

Inspired by the soft, warm light filtered through the leaves
of bamboo forests, I transcribed it by a series of light.
With three different floor heights, the lamps are formed
by a simple connection between both bamboo and
aluminium profiles, pinching and shaping perforated-board
light diffusers, which gives to the light a subtle vibration.
My challenge was to exploit these different aspects into a series
of “perennial lights” and enjoy a new formal typology
inspired by nature.

Bamboo profiles, aluminium, O-ring, LED

ECAL diploma’s project, 2014

A wooden ball game representing a never-ending athletics race.

Souvenir edited by the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, 2014


Set designed realized in collaboration with Anaïs Benoit-
for the Festival Circulation(s) at the 104 in Paris. “Skeuomorphic” is a body of work created by three ECAL Bachelor Photography graduates, Jacques-Aurélien Brun, Maxime Guyon and Jean-Vincent Simonet.

Modified industrial workshop trolleys RAL 5020
and prints laminated onto honeycomb PC panels

Exhibition views by ECAL/Jean-Vincent Simonet


Marceau Avogadro (1990) graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. Since 2017, he has worked closely with Camper, a renowned shoe manufacturer. With bases both in Paris and Mallorca, he is involved in creative direction, from product to retailers, as well as advertising for the Spanish brand.